Radon is a gas that is produced when Uranium, which is present in the soil, breaks down. Odorless and colorless, the gas can only be detected through the use of dedicated Radon testing equipment. Every homeowner, landlord, and business owner should become aware of Radon as it poses a major health hazard. Radon has been linked to 20,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States every year, second only to smoking cigarettes. Yet most of us have never heard of it, nor realize its deadly potential.

How is Radon Gas Detected and Mitigated?

How do humans come into contact with it? It is present in our daily lives. Radon gas infiltrates dwellings, and commercial properties, through foundation cracks, and waterways, by always taking the path of least resistance. Over time concentrations of the gas continue to escalate, especially in basements where there is little or no ventilation. When the gas levels exceed 4.0pCi/L., it poses serious health risks. Radon testing is the only way to determine if the building you own, or the building your family, tenants, or employees work in is contaminated by deadly Radon gas.

Once aware of this serious issue, the next step is to call Accurate Radon Systems at (812) 376-9246. We’ll explain our process, what it entails, and how long it will take to determine if your property or premises has unacceptable levels of Radon. Should Radon be found, we will take steps to mitigate, and provide follow up visits to ensure that your property becomes and remains, a healthy, Radon-stable environment. Do not leave anyone’s health at risk, call us or fill out our form today!