Accurate Radon Systems Provides Radon Detection and Mitigation Services

Your home, office or rental property may be hosting a silent killer, Radon gas, and most will not realize this danger until it is too late. Linked to over 20,000 lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year, Radon is the serious health risk that few are even aware of. Across the country, more and more municipalities are requiring that structures be tested for the presence of this gas, be monitored going forward, and high-levels mitigated, (if necessary).

How can you determine if Radon is present in your home or office? Call Accurate Radon Systems to learn more about our Radon testing, evaluating, and mitigating services. For almost a decade we’ve provided detection testing and mitigation systems to homes and businesses throughout Southern Indiana, (Columbus, Franklin, Bloomington and Greenwood). We’ll evaluate your premises, and should unacceptable levels of Radon gas be found, will install our Radon mitigation system to reduce the levels in the structure. We’ll also provide follow-up testing to ensure any residual Radon remains at acceptable levels. Our services include:

  • Radon Testing
  • Mitigation and Monitoring System installation
  • Two and Four-year follow-up testing at no additional cost (after initial testing and installation)
  • Free quote and customized system recommendations

For a confidential consultation, please call us at (812) 376 9246 Call or fill out our form today!