If you are concerned that your home, rental property or commercial building may have radon, call Accurate Radon Systems immediately. For almost a decade we have provided residential and commercial customers with the highest quality radon detection. When high radon levels are  evident, promptly installed, effective and reliable radon mitigation systems are required, and may even be a life-saver.

Here’s what to expect. Accurate Radon Systems will come to your home or commercial premises to perform a test for Radon using charcoal canisters or a continuous radon monitor. Both provide the same accurate results; the premises’ layout will determine which process will be most effective at detecting radon levels. A short-term radon test takes a minimum of 48 hours. If radon gas levels are found to exceed 4.0pCi/L, then a mitigation system should be installed.*

If detected, how is radon mitigated?  Radon gas that has seeped into premises needs to be removed via a radon mitigation system. This system vacuums air from underneath the floor of the structure. This action then creates a vacuum under the floor so radon does not enter the premises. A PVC pipe is run to the exterior of the structure that has a powerful fan installed on the pipe which vents the radon gas outside. (There is already an outside level of radon of .03.)

There are several different types of radon mitigation systems depending on the style of house or commercial property. Many of the systems we install are sub slab depressurization systems for houses with either basements or on concrete slabs. Another type of radon mitigation system is a crawl space depressurization system where we mitigate the crawl space.

The design phase of the installation is very important. Accurate Radon Systems’ installation team works hard to hide the system discreetly. We will not install a radon system on the front of a house, for example as that mars the architecture and could impact property values. Instead, we will search around the house for the best location, and will often be able to offer a few site options for your radon mitigation system installation. Additionally, we can cover sump pits with a clear poly-carbonate cover to ensure that the foul-smelling fumes that emanate from these structures will not enter your home as well.

Another example of Accurate Radon Systems’ dedication to quality, is how we protect key components of every residential mitigation system. We install a fan guard to protect the fan motor from moisture. This both protects motor components and ensures a longer, dependable working life. The protective fan guard is a standard feature of all of our systems and we are the only local radon mitigation company to provide this important feature.

Our technicians will also install thick wall pipes and strong sump covers, which are very strong and durable and will support the weight of an average adult. These quality features make our radon mitigation systems far more resistant to bumps as well as far stronger and more durable for years of reliable service.

If you have questions regarding the possibility of radon gas in your home or office, please give Accurate Radon Systems a call at (812) 376 9246.  We will be glad to provide a quote, make recommendations for testing, and if required, install a mitigation system in either your basement, slab or crawlspace. As a follow-up to every installation, we provide testing at 2 and 4-year intervals to ensure that any radon gas in your home or commercial premises remains at acceptable levels. Contact us with any questions you have by calling the number above or by filling out our form.

*Please note: While a number of municipalities have mandated that unacceptable levels of radon gas requires the installation of a radon mitigation system, it appears that in the future, radon testing, and as necessary, mitigation will become required, possibly on a national level.

The EPA recommend considering mitigation if the levels are between 2-4 pci/l.